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Railway Freight

Railway Freight

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Railway Freight

Main > Services > Railway Freight

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The railway transportation is the most reliable, inexpensive and safe form of transportation. This is one of the main courses at the Fosdyke Group. We provide freight transportation by rail in Ukraine, the CIS countries, Europe, also the Asian direction is working. Our company can arrange the transportation of heavy, dangerous and oversized cargo. The railway transportation is used for transportation of some dangerous goods.

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  • Rent of rolling stock
    We will select for you the most comfortable and carefree type of our rolling stock rental. Using our operative tools and experience for rent wagons offer, the assigned specialist will accompany you and personally control the entire process of renting.

  • Technical runs
    With an impressive number of rolling stock, as well as the accumulated net forwarding partners -companies, we will be able to take care of a fast and reliable transportation of your cargo.

  • Dislocation and informational support of each wagon

  • Tariff payment
    We provide codes to pay tariffs on railway, also we can be a Consigner and issuing memorandum bill by “Atran,” “AC Client” systems.

  • Repair without problems
    Our experts will help  you to solve all the problems with the repair of rolling stock; providing a letter of guarantee to the wagon depot; a fair method calculation of needs for repairing. Direct contact with responsible persons at the wagon depot and the acceleration for solving problems with wagons.


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Odesa, Ukraine

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Dnipro, Ukraine

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