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There is availability of own transport and also cooperate with many companies, proven by reliability and time. We provide delivery services to anywhere in Ukraine, the CIS countries, the European Union and the Middle East. We carry out the accumulation of cargo in Poland and deliver on “door-to door” basis to Ukraine.

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We carry out comprehensive air transportation of goods with the provision of a full range of related services. Our experts take care of all matters of delivery, insurance, preparation of customs documents, freeing the client from unnecessary trouble.

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Our task is to search for the best solutions for air cargo delivery to achieve the most effective result. We well know how to avoid problems along the way and deliver the goods so that they arrive on time, in complete safety and at a reasonable price.

We observe cargo and route

We believe that examine of the specifics of the cargo is the key to its timely and safe delivery. Our company uses a competent logistics policy which aimed at the planning the route, according to the type, weight and nature of the goods shipped.

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Dnipro, Ukraine

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